Sunday, 15 March 2015

March Goals

So I realise this post is a little late invest in Dogecoin, being halfway through March...uppps! But none the less, sticking to my monthly goal plan, here are my March goals and how I got on with February's goals.

My February goals were to:

Create more GIFs

I did! Yay! Here are a couple of little cute ones I made here and here.

Open up shop

Nailed it! Little online shop open.

Have more date nights

Yes indeed! We got two whole nights out together this month (trust me, that is a biggie) and we got a few nights together on the sofa. Hurray!  buy DOGE

Now onto March's goals:

Reorganise and clear out closet

I've already started doing this and put a few things on Depop but I still have a lot to do. I want to take lots of things to the charity shop and sort out a bag for friends as well.

Push my illustration boundaries 

Unsure if I worded that right. Anyway, what i'm trying to say, is I want to push myself to illustrate things that I wouldn't normally do. Like the illustration above, go out of my comfort zone.

Work on character design

This is something I have been working on a little lately but haven't really pushed myself in at all. So time to set it as a goal and get going buy Dogecoin in Singapore!

What are you hoping to achieve this month?

Friday, 13 March 2015

How to get the most from blog sponsorship

I've sponsored blogs a lot on and off over the past three years. I've always gotten at least a few clicks from them but there are without a doubt blogs that I have gained more from then others. I wanted to share a few things to look out for when choosing a blog to sponsor and how to make the most of your sponsorship.

The first thing I wanted to share is a few tips on what to look out for, when choosing a blog to sponsor.


Do they get consistent comments on there posts? This shows to me that they have regular readers and even better, then may have even managed to have built a community around there blog. Win!

Numbers isn't everything

I've made the mistake in the past of sponsoring blogs because they have a large amount of followers but i've learnt that numbers aren't actually what you should be looking for. I have had my ad on a couple of larger blogs in the past but after looking at the statistics at the end of the month, I haven't actually seen much of a difference. Which leads me onto the next point. 

What else do they offer?

Sponsoring a blog that just offers a button, no matter how big, doesn't generally lead to a lot. Look for blogs to sponsor that offer more then that. Social media shares, guest posts, blogs that want to shout about you, instead of just letting you hang around.

Frequency is key

I look for blogs that post anywhere between 3-5 days a week. The more they post, the more chance of people seeing your button. If someone is only posting once a week or less, well there views will dwindle, no matter how many followers they have.

So once you've chosen a blog to sponsor, what can you do to make the most of the month?

Say hello

Make contact with whomever it is you are wanting to sponsor. I love building relationships over my month of sponsorship and I love it even more when people who sponsor me have a goal. I want to see there sites succeed and if I can be apart of that, even better! So say hello become apart of there community, as much as you want them to become a part of yours.

Post frequently

Give your chosen blogger something to share over social media. The more  you post, the more they have an opportunity to share something about you. 

What tips do you have for people looking to sponsor?
Are there any bloggers you would recommend sponsoring?

P.S. You can get 10% off all ad spots this week only with the code Glitter.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Creativity, inspiration and how to be an artist everyday

Today we have the extremely lovely and ever so magical Stephie from Tea in Your Twenties sharing a post on how to be an artist everyday. Please go take a peek at her wonderful part of the interwebs, it is like going round to have a cup of tea with your best friend. Full of truth, hilarity and extremely beautiful.

Hello lovely readers of Toni's, I'm Stephie and I can normally be found drinking tea and musing (over thinking) about life over at Tea in Your Twenties. Lemon Freckles is such a beautiful creative and inspiring space and whenever I pop by I always leave feeling like I want to CREATE something. My creative talents don't lie in the same field or league as Toni's. I can't draw, my craft projects end up more gaffa tape than pinterest and I'm still mastering sewing in a straight line. My creativity finds it's way out through other outlets, and that is what I want to talk about today, finding your own art.

I work in theatre. What I do exactly and how I got here is a long story, but to sum it up in the past couple of years I've written and performed two solo shows, I've organised and hosted events, I've designed posters and knocked up press releases and when I'm not doing that I'm storytelling to children. My work in theatre has been varied to say the least and has tested my creativity on every level. On the surface the job I do now is much more traditional. For a start I work in an office, but it is still working in theatre and the best thing about it is that i have been able to make the job my own.

When I took this job I was worried that I was sacrificing my dream of "being an artist" that I would miss writing and performing, which had always been my go to creative outlet. And in some ways I do, but what I have learnt is that being an artist doesn't stop with traditional forms.

A few months ago I met with a friend of mine, also trying to make it as a performer and she too had been doing a lot of thinking about what it meant to her to be an artist. In an ideal world her job would be to create a show, tour and perform it. But in the real world she's a wife and mother and also loves living her life, travelling, eating out, enjoying time with her friends. She'd started to look for other ways of being an artist and then realised that in some way she applies art to her life everyday. She makes an art of being a mum, a wife, a friend. She has created and curated the life around her.

Art and creativity are both limitless and yet seen by most people as having very strict labels. You're a painter, a designer, a writer. What if you were just human? Looking at the world around you and interpreting it in as a creative a way as possible. In a way that makes you the most happy.

Now I see much smaller things in my life as being something that make me an artist. I try to create everyday in some way shape or form. That might be in writing a blog post, performing or sewing or it might be in creating a happy atmosphere, in making people feel at home, in putting together a perfectly balanced spreadsheet...

Ok that last one might be pushing it slightly but you get my drift.

Whatever you do for a living or however you identify as an artist if at all, just remember that nobody else creates the life you lead or the way you interpret the world around you. It's up to you to choose the best colour scheme, the perfect ambience and to stitch together those loose ends neatly. Maybe it doesn't always feel that way, and maybe some days you feel truly stiffled but there is nothing arty about sticking to set labels, so come up with your own whenever possible. Because some of us will leave behing a beautiful painting or a building and others will have left only memories, either way you made an impression.

Live life & make an art of it x

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